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Payment terms and conditions
You agree to abide by the guidelines, orders, and operating regulations. All policies and instructions regarding ordering products through the platform including any amendments to the foregoing issued by us. And it is considered that you have been informed and accepted the obligation according to such changes once they are published on the platform. These payment terms and conditions apply only to product orders and payments made by you and the seller.

1. You agree to pay for the product using a credit or debit card that can be used to pay legal debts.
2.You agree not to cancel subsequent payments unless: The order between you and the seller is not in accordance with the agreement. The product has not been delivered. or the product you receive is significantly different from the description you received from the seller according to the seller's judgment.
3. You are aware of the regulations for refunds of successful payments only if the seller agrees and is the one who informs of the intention to refund the money.
4. You acknowledge that all refunds will be made through the original payment mechanism and to the person who made the payment.
5. You acknowledge that money back is not guaranteed to be credited to your account on time. Payment processing may take time and depends on each bank. and/or the payment service provider that processed the refund.

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