- Painters work with a variety of types of paint. Each type of paint requires a specific coating. There are three types of canvas. An oil canvas is intended solely for oil paint. Absorbent canvases are intended for tempera. Universal canvases are suitable for both oil paint and acrylic paint.
Each type of artist’s canvas is given a specific treatment after glueing.

 - Most of the treatments are done by machine, but according to traditional methods. For pieces that are wider than the standard size (210 cm), and for special types of artist’s canvas, we will go so far as to perform the entire process manually. The maximum length of manually prepared artist’s canvas is 10 metres.

- zinc white is used as the primer, bound with linseed oil. The paint is applied on to the glued linen by passing 2 knives

- The most requested Universal canvases’ undergo the same drying process in a hot-air over as the absorbent canvases, but the two primer layers are titanium white based.

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